Roberta Lannes has been publishing literary, fantasy, horror and science fiction since 1966. Her work has touched upon various conventions such as aliens and monsters, always taking a inventive take on the customary view. Her vampires take souls, grief and memories. Her monsters have psychological issues and struggle with their predilections, and rarely do they have an appearance that one might consider fearsome. Her aliens have complex psychologies and murky objectives. She finds pathos woven into the fabric of insanity, acts of desperation hidden within the unforgiveable, and innocence in the hearts of monstrosities. Her character-driven stories attempt to bring readers into situations and the minds of others as foreign and fascinating, depraved and confused, marginalized and exotic one can imagine.
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Note, The cover, layout and photography illustrating the work of Christopher Conlon is by Roberta Lannes-Sealey.
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This collection is available for Kindle at Amazon as well in trade paperback at Hummingbird House Press.
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Available now at Cemetery Dance.
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