Anthology Publications

Cutting Edge "Goodbye, Dark Love" (Etchison, ed.)
Lord John Ten "Auntie" (Etchison & Yellin, editors)
Alien Sex "Saving the World at the New Moon Motel" (Datlow, ed.)
Off Limits: Alien Sex II "His Angel" (Datlow, ed.)
Still Dead:Book of the Dead II "I Walk Alone" (Skipp & Spector, editors)
Splatterpunks "Goodbye, Dark Love" Reprint (Sammon, ed.)
Splatterpunks II "I Walk Alone" Reprint (Sammon, ed.)
The Bradbury Chronicles "The Late Arrivals" (Nolan & Greenberg, editors)
Dark Terrors "Feast at Grief's Table" (Jones, ed.)
Deathport "When Prayers are Answered" (Campbell, ed.)
Dark Voices 5 "Precious" (Jones & Sutton, editors)
Best New Horror 4 "Dancing on a Blade of Dreams" Reprint (Jones & Sutton, editors)
Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 7 "Precious" Reprint (Datlow & Windling, editors)
Mammoth Book of Werewolves "Essence of the Beast" (Jones, ed.)
Mammoth Book of Frankensteins "A Complete Woman" (Jones, ed.)
Golden Tears, Ruby Slippers "Roach in Loafers" (Datlow & Windling, editors)
Darkside: Horror for the Next Millennium "Stealing the Sisyphus Stone" (Pelan, ed.)
Razor Kiss (Love in Vein II) "When Memory Fails" (Brite, ed.)
Lethal Kisses "Butcher's Logic" (Datlow, ed.)
Mammoth Book of Draculas "Melancholia" (Jones, ed.)
Dark of the Moon "Good Girl" (Jones, ed.)
Mammoth Book of Best New Horror "Butcher's Logic" Reprint in UK (Jones, ed.)
Dark Terrors IV "Mr. Guidry's Head" (Jones & Sutton, editors)
White of the Moon "Feng Shui" (Jones, ed.)
Presence du Fantastique «Les Loups Garou» Reprint in French (Sadoul, ed.)
Dark Terrors V "Pearl" (Jones & Sutton, editors)
Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women "Turkish Delight" (Jones, ed.)
Taverns of the Dead "Dès Lors" (Burke, ed.)
Don't Turn Out the Light! "The Other Family" (Jones, ed.)
Dark Delicacies "The Bandit of Sanity" (Gelb & Howison, editors)
Best New Horror 17 "Other Family" (Jones & Sutton, editors)
Dark Passions: Hot Blood 13 "Tres Hermanas" (Gelb & McGarrett, editors)
Summer Chills "The Anguish of Departure" (Jones, ed.)
Mutation Nation "Chrysalis" (Dunn, ed.)
• E-book Wild Justice “Butcher’s logic” (Datlow, ed.)
Barbers and Beauties—Novella Through the Looking Glass (Knost & Siegel, editors)
Shivers VII “Room 8” (Chizmar, ed.)
Best New Horror #2 “Apostate in Denim” (Jones, ed) Drugstore Indian Press
E-book Alien Sex “Saving the World at the New Moon Motel” (Datlow, ed)
E-book Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex “His Angel” (Datlow, ed.)
October Dreams II “Scarecrow” (Chizmar & Morrish, editors)
Library of the Dead “The Raven in the Dove’s Nest” (Bailey, ed.)
Adam’s Ladder “Painting the Burning Fence” (Speegle & Bailey, editors)
Prisms “The Girl with Black Fingers”— (Speegle & Bailey, editors)
Chiral Mad 5 “The Kitowaj” (Bailey, ed.)